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Grand Opening flower basket
Grand Opening flower basket 花生花華花藝品店出品的花籃

Best deal on flower basket under $600!

Our flower baskets are 100% made with fresh flower! All flower baskets include: selected flowers, flower basket, and a A3 size greeting card, and you can add your company's logo on it! 

(Because of the traffic problem, minimum charge of large flower basket delivery to central of Causeway Bay and Central is $800. $60 basic delivery fee would be applied if the basket price not enough $800.)

Grand Opening Basket

"Grand Opening Flower Baskets"
Our Grand Opening Flower Baskets are priced starting from $688 and include a wide selection of flower arrangements suitable for various occasions, such as store openings, concerts, exhibitions, and relocations. They offer great value and are the perfect choice for sending your best wishes and congratulations on a new business venture. We can have them prepared the same day, with the quickest turnaround time being just 2 hours, ensuring your blessings are delivered promptly.

Grand Opening Flower Baskets, also known as Grand Opening Flower Plaques, are a cherished tradition in our culture. Presenting these flower baskets to congratulate a new business venture has become a common social practice in modern Hong Kong. The opening of a new business signifies the beginning of a new journey, and in Hong Kong, this tradition is celebrated with grandeur, featuring a wide array of flower basket styles. Some even opt to send a pair of flower baskets to demonstrate their high regard for the recipient, whether they are relatives, friends, or valued clients.

For a collection of Grand Opening Flower Basket greeting messages in both English and Chinese, please click here:
Grand Opening Flower Basket Greeting Messages Cheat Sheet.

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