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Mother's Day
Give the best to mom

Free shipping is still available during Mother’s Day

May 9From Sunday to May 13th, only the Mother’s Day page style will be provided.
We apologize for the inconvenience

Special Delivery arrangements: 

On Mother's Day (May 12), there is only one time slot to choose from, and delivery is available throughout the day (9am-5pm).

Choose full-day delivery, and we will deliver it to the recipient's address as early as possible. Based on past experience, usually everything will be delivered around 3 o'clock.

Due to the large number of orders on Mother's Day, in order to avoid delaying the delivery of other orders, if we are unable to contact the recipient and the reception desk to refuse collection, we will place the bouquets In the appropriate place and contact the distinguished guests.

Mother's Day Recommendation

​Selected Carnations


Special Mother's Day Bouquet


Preserved flowers recommendation

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