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[Peanut Love Reward] Competition

Peanut Huahua now has a reply contest every season

The 1 guest who picks the most favorites each season will receive a $688 Peanut Flower Gift Voucher
(April-June, July-September, October-December, January-March each quarter)
All participants will receive a $10 participation bonus regardless of winning or losing.

Guests only need to receive the bouquet or flowers,
Share our bouquets or exquisite flowers on IG to your IG account, and set the post to be shared with everyone (limited-time dynamic posts are not applicable).
Then add our IG account @fasunflower.ig 
Then add #fasunflower #花花花 in the content
After completion, you can whatsapp 95882371 to contact us and inform us that we have participated
[Peanut Love Reward]

We will give back a $10 participation prize through Payme after confirmation

In addition, we will also select the most IG winners in each season A work of love.

We will send an electronic coupon to the winner upon confirmation.
It can be used on the Peanut Huahua website, Whastapps or in stores.

Activities subject to terms and conditions

1. Each participant must be a customer or flower recipient who orders Peanut Huahua products.
2. ⁠Only one person can participate in the [Peanut Love Reward] event for each product ordered.
3. ⁠No cheating programs or procedures may be used. The company reserves the right to cancel the participation of suspected cheaters.
4. ⁠The deadline for each quarter is the last day of each quarter, and the participation date is calculated based on the post publication date. If you want your post to have enough time to gain love, you can choose to post at the beginning of the season.
5. ⁠The date of participation must be within one month after purchasing Peanut Huahua products.
6. ⁠The participation rewards for this event can only be given back to participants through Payme, and there are no other payment methods.
7. We will notify the winners of each quarter through IG DM. After receiving the notification, please contact us via Whatsapp to claim the prize.
8. ⁠The company reserves the right to make the final decision on all disputes.

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