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Flower shop proposal bouquet logo pattern

Proposal bouquet - 51 rose bouquets, the language of flowers isCourtship and proposal, both confession and proposal are suitable. A bouquet of 99 roses symbolizes a long-lasting marriage and a successful proposal.
A bouquet of 108 roses, the most sincere proposal, has only one meaning, please marry me!

Our store specializes in 51-piece, 99-piece and 108-piece rose proposal bouquets. The flowers arrive freshly in Hong Kong every day and are produced by professional florists.

Proposal Bouquet10 days ago Order, 51 pieces Rose bouquets are available for as low as$928 , 99 pieces as low as $1290, 108 pieces as low as $1440.
The daily supply is limited, so hurry up if you want to buy!

  • $200 off for ordering 10 days in advance, $100 off for ordering 5 days in advance, and another $60 off for self-pickup

  • For example, a bouquet for pickup/delivery on January 11th must be ordered on or before January 1st and confirmed with successful payment.

  • All discounted prices are not applicable during the holidays
    Christmas (December 24-25), New Year (December 31-January 1), Lunar New Year (from the 27th to the 5th day of the lunar month), Valentine's Day (February 10-16), May 20, etc.

  • ​Click on the style you like, select the corresponding option, and the system will calculate the price for you immediately.


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