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Tips for flowers Tips for caring for flowers

How to make a flower bouquet last longer?

flower bouquet gif

Step 1

Turn the bouquet sideways every 1 or 2 days and pour out all the water inside.

Step 2

Then pour water directly on top of the bouquet and between the flowers.

flower bouquet add water
flower bouquet spray water

Step 3

​Spray a little water on the surface of the flowers at night, and the bouquet will be beautiful​It can be more durable~!

The bouquet can be placed vertically. Since there is water stored below to support the bouquet, be sure not to place it horizontally!

How to make dried flower bouquets last longer?


Natural dried flowers can be stored properly and can be used as For permanent storage, please store the dried flowers in a dry place. If you want the dried flowers to be preserved better, you can put them in the sun every once in a while.


​Precautions for maintaining preserved flowers/preserved flowers

  • Do not water or touch it frequently with your hands.

  • Sunlight can cause the color of petals and legs, please do not place it under Outdoors or next to a window and avoid direct sunlight.

  • If there is dust on the flowers, you can use a hair dryer to blow away the dust with cold air Blow it off gently.

  • Avoid storing it in a humid place. Too much moisture can cause Petals become transparent)

  • Preserved/eternal roses can last for 1 to 2 years or even longer.

  • Avoid accidental ingestion and keep out of the reach of children The place.

  • Do not store it near the outlet of the air conditioner or put it in Refrigerator/cold storage to prevent petals from falling apart due to excessive drying.

Finally, thank you for purchasing our bouquets/floral products! Have a nice day! Hope to serve you again soon La~!

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