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Tips for flowers 護花小貼士

How can I keep the bouquet fresh longer?

flower bouquet gif

Step 1

Every 1 or 2 days, tilt down the bouquet and pour the water out.

Step 2

​Fill water into it between the flowers.

flower bouquet add water
flower bouquet spray water

Step 3

​Spray a little bit of water on the surface of the flowers at night. The bouquet can be fresh longer!

Because of some water is stored at the bottom of the bouquet, please don't put the bouquet horizontally!

How to keep dried flower bouquet?


Dried flowers can be stored forever! Please stored in a dry place. If you want to preserve the dried flower better, you can put it in the sun at regular intervals.


How to take care for a preserved flower?

  • Don't water the flower, don't press, bend or squash the petals or stems.

  • Sunlight can cause  petals 's colour fade. Do not place it outdoors or near windows and avoid direct sunlight.

  • If  there is dust on the flowers, you can use a hair dryer to blow the dust off gently with cold  wind.

  • Avoid storing the preserved flower in damp place, too high humidity can cause petals  into transparent.

  • Preserved flower can last for 1-2 years or more.

  • Please keep away from children or where they are easy to reach.

  • Do not store it under the air conditioner, and do not put it in to the refrigerator / freezer. 

Thank you for choosing our products! We hope to serve you again soon! Have a nice day :)

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