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Peony is a very precious flower, known as the "king of flowers". It has always been regarded by us as a symbol of wealth, auspiciousness, happiness and prosperity. It has been praised as "the beauty of the country and the fragrance of the sky" since ancient times. The white peony flower language: noble , dignified, elegant, well-mannered, beautiful, and trustworthy. Purple peony flower language: The peony with purple petals means "embarrassment". The flower language of red flowers: life, expectation, and light love. The flower language of green flowers: The broad-shaped red flower is called the king of flowers, and its flower language is "wealth and perfection". The flower language of dark-colored peonies is: I will love you even if I die.

Many poets have also left popular poems about peonies. Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty wrote "Appreciating Peonies":
"The peony demon in front of the court has no integrity, and the hibiscus on the pond has little emotion.
Only peonies are the true national beauty, and they move the capital when they bloom. "

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