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Peanut Huahua is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction! To ensure that you get the best products, every product produced by Peanut Huahua is strictly inspected by a professional team before being delivered to you or the recipient. On hand!​However, even though we have tried our best to achieve perfection, we cannot completely avoid unpredictable accidents. If you find any problems with the products you purchased from Peanut Huahua, please take photos to record the relevant parts of the problem and report them immediately Contact us and we will arrange for someone to follow up with you to find the best Solution.

Product issues

Generally, we will take photos and records of the delivered products and send them to the customer's WhatsApp or email address. If there are reasonable reasons, we are willing to make changes for you*. If you want to return the product, please do so within 2 hours after receiving the goods (subject to the delivery time, because flower products are easily affected by the environment and customersProcessing method
Influence,After more than two hoursThe product problem was discovered only after This is not within the scope of the guarantee. We apologize for any inconvenience) Contact us to request the reason for return and return the product to our store on the same day. (The freight costs incurred in the process are no longer covered)
If you need further return instructions, please contact us first. Return requests without prior notification will not be accepted.

After the return, we will arrange a replacement for you as soon as possible Shipping (within two days). If you wish to get a refund, the administrative and flower material costs (50%) will be deducted from the payment. After that, the payment will be issued within 14 working days. Go back to your bank account or PayPal / Stripe account.

Typographic error

Regarding the thoughtful cards for bouquets and flowers, due to manual processing of orders, clerical errors may occur. If a printing error is found on the thoughtful card, there will generally be a backup of the thoughtful cards. Blank card, guests may fill in the spare card themselves. If the guest is unable to change the card due to some special circumstances, such as the guest is not in Hong Kong, please contact us and we will re-deliver the card by regular mail.

Concerning greeting cards with flower baskets and fruit baskets, generally the greeting cards will be sent to the customer before printing. We can make one modification. If changes are needed, they will be processed manually. There may be errors in the order, so please try to minimize the number of changes. If you make multiple changes, we may also charge corresponding reprinting fees ($20 per piece). If you find that there are printing errors in the greeting cards that have been delivered, if the customer has not received the order before If any changes are made and we make a mistake in processing, we will assume the responsibility for the error and deliver the greeting card to the guest as soon as possible. If there are typographical errors due to changes in the greeting card, we can print it again for the customer, but the cost of re-delivery will be borne by the customer. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Change/Cancel Order

If you want to change the style, change the shipping address or To change the shipping date and time, please contact us at least 48 hours before shipment. Remember to include your order number!
Delayed delivery, please contact us for enquiries,Changes to your order may incur additional flower or delivery fees.
Such as---
i: The change date is within two days. We can usually reserve the order for the customer and then send it out within two days.

ii. If you inform us to change the delivery date (extension of more than two days) two working days ago (for special flower products* or materials ordered one week in advance), we will charge up to 30% of the original price* of the flowers for the flower materials. .

iii. If you notify us before 7:30 pm on the day before delivery or pickup to change the delivery date (extension for more than two days), you may be charged up to 50% of the original price of the flowers * 50% of the flower materials and surcharges.

iv. The delivery date of the order cannot be changed on the day of delivery. If delivery cannot be made, the flowers will be returned or kept at the factory or store, and customers can pick them up within two days. If re-delivery is required, additional shipping costs will be charged and will be charged according to the market price.

If you want to cancel the order, you must cancel it 24 days after ordering Contact us within 48 hours (urgent orders cannot be canceled within 48 hours). If the order is successfully canceled, an administrative fee of no more than 15% may be charged. Order24 hours later After time limit , since we have already arranged production for you or ordered flowers, canceling the order will result in into additional fees, generally only 5 can be refunded0% to to 70%. (Before deliveryOne ​​weekOr you can cancel beforeRefund about 70%; ShippingFront One ​​week span>Inside,Two days agoCancellation can be refunded about 50%; two daysWithinShipping's orderSorryDoes not accept order cancellations)

Urgent orders without communication
and special day pauses
Orders for supply styles

All orders will take time to process and produce, span>General flower products we Reservations are required two days in advance (except for same-day and next-day styles), and on special days such as Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc., some styles on the website may be temporarily suspended until the end of the holiday. If the customer does not give us enough time or in For orders that have been shipped during the product suspension period and have been paid, we may not be able to fulfill the delivery date and time of the order, and the order may need to be delayed for delivery. Please kindlyAttention. We will usually contact the customer to re-confirmDelivery date or time, if the delivery date or time cannot be met by the customer and the order needs to be canceled, we will not be able to refund the handling fee (~5%). We apologize for the inconvenience. If we fail to contact the customer successfully, we will default to delivering the order two days later. If the delivery fails, the order will be deemed to have been processed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Flower supply
*Because the flowers are mostly affected by the season, there are If necessary, corresponding flower materials may be substituted without further notice. If the order is not for the same day, we can usually prepare flower materials and water for you in advance, so you can have more time to find the most suitable flower materials. On the contrary, the shorter the production time, the more difficult it will be to prepare the lining flowers and materials. We will try our best to cooperate in finding the most similar lining flowers, but this is not within the scope of the guarantee. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Products returned without contacting us will be treated as waste for disposal without prior notice.

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