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Grand opening flower basket

Opening Flower

Opening celebration gift $428 Starting

All products produced by FaSunflower  Opening flower basket Opening flower card, all guaranteed to be 100% selected Made from fresh flowers, never repurposed second-hand flower baskets! Each flower basket, We all produce them with great care, and customers can even add your company's logo on the greeting cards. AllOpening flower basket price All included: selected flowers, flower basket stand, A3 size large greeting card and Basic delivery fee, no hidden charges, gift congratulations, generous and decent!

In the heart of Causeway Bay and Central, tall flower baskets must be purchased with a purchase price of over $800 to enjoy free delivery service (excluding table models). Styles priced at $800 require an additional $60 for delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience!

"Opening Flower Basket Flower Card"

Our grand opening flower baskets and flower plaques are priced from $688, inclusive A wide range of flower arrangements to suit every occasion, such as shop openings, concerts, exhibitions and relocations. They offer great value and are perfect for expressing your best wishes and congratulations on a new business. We can have them ready on the same day, in as little as 4 hours to ensure your blessings are delivered in time.

Grand opening flower baskets, also known as grand opening flower plaques, are an important part of our culture cherished traditions. Giving flower baskets to congratulate new businesses has become a common social custom in modern Hong Kong. The opening of a new store marks the beginning of a new journey, and in Hong Kong this tradition is celebrated with great fanfare, featuring a wide variety of flower basket styles. Some people even choose to send a pair of flower baskets to express their high respect for the recipient, whether they are relatives, friends or valued clients.


Link reference: Collection of opening flower basket greetings in Chinese and English  

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