About Us

Our Professional Florists



Agatha Kwok


inductee - Studied and gain certificate in DFA and

American Flower association AIFD.


Fortie Lai

Studied and gain certificate in Japanese Ikebana.

Fanny Lai

Studied and gain certificate in Florist courses.

Peanut Huahua constantly creates new products every day to provide novel floral products to many customers. Set up its own flower shop flower production workshop, physical stores and distribution stores. The logistics team will deliver the goods to your door and create an unforgettable surprise for you.

Peanut Huahua's mission is to integrate flowers into life and make everyone's life as gorgeous as flowers.

F for Flower, Fresh and Fast.

We use the freshest flower materials and deliver them to customers at the fastest speed.

F also represents the names of Forte Lai and Fanny Lai, the founders and florists of Peanut Huahua.

A stands for Arrangement, Attractive and Aggressive.

We are committed to the best flowers, the most striking works, and the most enterprising spirit, driving us to progress every day.

A also represents the name of the florist Agatha.

We love floral art, always pay attention to the most novel floral techniques, keep up with the trend, and bring the most fashionable floral works to our guests is the goal of our peanut flower shop.

The goal of Peanut Huahua Florist is to become the largest gift bouquet sales shop in Hong Kong, constantly innovating, so that when guests give gifts, they can bring surprises and freshness to each other.