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Table Flower

The florists in our store are good at using the characteristics of various flowers and using their skillful hands to create ever-changing floral works. You can feel refreshed every time and greet every day with a good mood~ Moonflowers, floral arrangements and orchids. Monthly flower arrangements are arranged 4 times a month, and we will design floral arrangements for you for 3 consecutive months. The monthly fee is as low as $1888! We will arrange it according to your needs Depending on your preferences and the size of your space, design the moonflower that best suits you and add color to your space! For details, please Contact us~
Monthly Flower Subscription Service, floral decoration and orchids. Monthly Flower Subscription Service is 4 times a month for at least 3 month continuously. Monthly fee as low as $ 1888! Please contact us for details

There are many styles and we cannot list them all. For more Taiwan flower works, please pay close attention to our Facebook page or refer to"Taiwan Flower Portfolio".

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