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red roses propose bouquet
Ture love propose 求婚花束 - 51支玫瑰花束,花語是求愛和求婚,表白和求婚都適合。 99支玫瑰花束,喻意婚姻生活長長久久,求婚必定成功。

What a great day to propose!

Big Valentine’s Day discounts on July 7th!

The Chinese Valentine's Day tradition has a history of more than 2,000 years. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor in heaven had seven daughters, among whom the youngest, Zhinu, was the most intelligent, lovely, and skilled in craftsmanship. She is responsible for the design and production of the important tapestry in the Heavenly Palace. In addition, the Jade Emperor had a herd of cows, which were managed by a young man called Cowherd. The two fell in love and admired each other, so much so that they abandoned their original jobs. So the Jade Emperor decreed that they could only meet once a year, on the evening of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. On that day, the magpies, the perpetrators, were responsible for building a bridge, allowing the two of them to step on their shoulders and meet each other, so that the lovers could finally get married and spend a sweet night.

China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea all have this Chinese Valentine’s Day lover Festival tradition!

Let us, Peanut Huahua, be yours on this day Magpie, send your blessings of love!

Peanut flowers are provided by Huawei for all lovers

77 rose bouquets, the flower language isI formally propose to you, which also means that I love you for a lifetime .

Price starts at $1020 (I will love you) 

99 rose bouquets, symbolizing marriage If you live a long life, your proposal will be successful.

PriceMoney $1320start (Love for a Lifetimeyou)  ;

108 rose bouquets, the most sincere Proposal flowers have only one meaning, please marry me!

Price starts at $1420 (I love you forever)

Our store specializes in 99-piece and 108-piece rose proposal bouquets. The flowers arrive freshly in Hong Kong every day and are produced by professional florists.

Chinese Valentine's Day limited time offer - only available from July 17 to August 31Sent out during the date.

  • ​Click on the style you like, select the corresponding option, and the system will calculate the price for you immediately.


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HK PARTY BALLOON Hong Kong Balloon Decoration | Proposal Balloon Decoration | Birthday Balloon Decoration | STAYCATION Party Balloon

Proposal Venue Decoration Balloon Set. When purchasing a bouquet, you can add it and send it together with the bouquet for free!

We also provide on-site decoration services , if you want to know more, you can contact us via Whatsapp.


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