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tulip bouquet



Tulips are not only popular with girls. They are the best decorative flowers for daily placement at home. The wine-glass-shaped flowers also symbolize the desire to quickly open up to others. The meaning of a lover’s confession.

There is a legend about tulips in the Netherlands. A beautiful girl was pursued by three warriors at the same time. The warriors each brought the most precious family heirlooms, including crowns, swords, and gold, to propose marriage. The kind-hearted girl thought that the three warriors were also very good and did not want to hurt any of their hearts, so she asked the Flower God to turn her into a tulip. The flowers are the crown, the leaves are like swords, and the bulbs are gold, showing her love for the warriors. This story also illustrates tulips exactly: expression of love, reputation, charity, and the beautiful language of flowers.

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