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pompon mum bouquet


Pompon Mum

 The flower language of Pompon mum is perfection, and the flower language of long-lasting Pompon mum is perfection. When placed at home, it means family perfection. If you give it to your loved one, It expresses the hope that the love with the other person will eventually be consummated and lasting.

Pingpong chrysanthemum is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family. It usually blooms from August to October and is native to Japan. Because it looks like a ping pong ball, it comes in four colors: yellow, green, white, and red. The Ping Pong chrysanthemum is round in shape, symbolizing reunion and happiness. Ping pong chrysanthemums are usually paired with roses, which represent perfect and long-lasting love. Therefore, they have become the latest popular cute bouquet for Korean couples. Please pay attention to the appearance when purchasing (Taiwanese ones have smaller roundness, imported ones have larger roundness). When caring for them, just use them wet or dry to keep them saturated and fresh for several days. In addition, if it is a composite plant, remember to change the water frequently and cut off the stems. The height of the water should be about 3 cm.

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