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grand opening flower basket

Congrats Gift

New style opening gift of fasunflower logo
New style opening gift of fasunflower logo

Novel Zhiqinghua Ceremony

All flower baskets produced by Peanut Huahua Flower Art Shop are guaranteed to be 100% fresh. Flower production is never made from second-hand flower baskets!Every flower basket is made with great care and attention Production, customers can even add your company's logo on the greeting card.All flower baskets include: selected flowers, flower baskets Tripod and A3 size large greeting card, gift congratulations, generous and decent!

In the heart of Causeway Bay and Central, tall flower baskets need to be purchased for more than $800 to enjoy free delivery service (excluding table models). For styles less than $800, a surcharge of $60 is required. for delivery charges. We apologize for any inconvenience!

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