退貨 Return

FaSunflower 的產品有品質保證嗎?Is FaSunflower's product quality guaranteed?

當然!我們致力讓您百分百滿意。為確保您得到最好的產品, 每件貨品都經過 FaSunflower 的團隊成員親手檢查才送到您手!縱使我們盡力確保你的產品在送達時狀態完美,也無法完全避免意外的發生。如果您發現產品有任何問題,請 拍照紀錄有關問題 ,並馬上與我們聯絡。FaSunflower 會有專人為您跟進,尋求解決方法。
of course! We are committed to making you 100% satisfied. To ensure that you get the best product, each item has been inspected by FaSunflower's team members before hand to your hand! Even if we try to make sure that your product is in perfect condition at the time of delivery, it can not completely avoid accidents. If you have any questions about the product, please take a photo record and contact us immediately. FaSunflower will have someone to follow up for you to find a solution.


我們會將製成品的相片傳送給您,如有任何問題可通知我們作合理的更改*,如您要退回您的產品,請於 收到貨品的2小時內 (根據交貨時間,如適用)聯絡我們 要求退貨的原因,並在同日將產品送回我們門市。

We will send you a photo of the finished product. If you have any questions, please inform us for a reasonable change. If you want to return your product, please contact us for 2 hours Delivery time, if applicable) Contact us for reasons of return and return the product to our store on the same day.

For further return guidelines, please contact us first. Gifts without prior notice will not be accepted.

退貨後我們會盡快為您安排重新發貨(兩天內)。如果您希望退款,款項將扣除行政人供等費用及花材成本(50%),除後款項將會在14個工作天內發回您的銀行戶口或 Paypal/stripe 帳戶中。
We will arrange for re-delivery (within two days) as soon as we return. If you wish to make a refund, the amount will be deducted from the administrative fee and the cost of the building (50%), except that the payment will be sent back to your bank account or Paypal/stripe account within 14 working days.

如要更改款式、更改送貨地址或更改發貨日期及時間請在發貨至少 48 小時前 聯絡我們。記得附上您的 訂單號碼 !如欲取消訂單,需在訂購後24 小時內聯絡我們,成功取消訂單亦可能將收取不多於15%的行政費。To change the style, change the shipping address or change the shipping date and time, please contact us at least 48 hours before delivery. Remember to attach your order number! To cancel the order, please contact us within 24 hours after ordering.Cancelation may cause a 15% administration fee.

* Because the lining of flowers is more seasonal products, and sometimes may find the corresponding flowers instead of another notice, such as non-day orders, we can generally prepare for you in advance water, so you can have more time To find the most suitable flowers. In contrast, the shorter the production time, the more difficult to complete the lining, will try to cooperate with the most similar to the lining of the flowers, but not within the scope of the guarantee.


All purchases of items from the "Archive Collection" are final and no refund/return would be granted under any circumstances. Unauthorized returns will be discarded.

找不到你要的答案嗎?請電郵至 fasunflower.com@gmail.com 或與我們聯絡。你亦可以在 Facebook 尋求協助的。
Can not find the answer you want? Please contact us at fasunflower.com@gmail.com or contact us. You can also ask for help on Facebook.

花生花華專營花束、花籃、果籃、禮籃、保鮮花、訂花等禮品,其中玫瑰為本公司最注重的花。在所有禮品中,我們都非常重視客人的需要,務求做到盡善盡美,精益求精。香港、九龍、新界都設有送花、訂花服務,全港免費送花(鄉村,獨立屋及離島區除外)。除此之外,花生花華更提供婚禮場地花藝佈置,展覽場花藝佈置、新娘花球花藝等,服務多元化,一切花藝園藝產品服務、訂花,歡迎查詢。 電話/Whatsapp: 95882371 FaSunflower is a professional flower company providing products such as flower bouquets, flower baskets, fruit hampers, gift hampers, flowers and other gifts. Where we especially focus on rose products. Our aims is to provide the best service to every client and make them satisfied. We provide floral delivery service for all Hong Kong District. Our delivery service for Shatin district is free of charge. free for floral delivery.In addition, FaSunflower provide floral arrangements service for Wedding venue, exhibition venus. We also make bridal flowers and other floral product to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any need for floral and gardening product. Phone / Whatsapp: 95882371