訂購付款方式 Order & Payment

訂購方式 Order Methods:

網上 Website:
1. 將心宜產品放入購物車。 Put the product you want in the shopping cart
2. 點選 View Cart 進入購物車。 Press "View Cart" to enter shopping cart

3. 填寫送貨資料表。 Fill in the delivery information From.
4. 完成後我們會在 12小時內聯絡您確認訂單。 We will contact you when received order.
我們亦接受 WhatsApp(95882371) 訂單,請聯絡我們/ Facebook Messager (@fasunhana)
We also accept order via Whatsapp/ Facebook Messager

5. 參看以下付款方式

Please Check the below for payment method.

如訂購花束花籃等鮮花製品或訂購花球、保鮮花、或花球等未製成品,均需先繳付不少於訂花貨品價格 50%之訂金
For Fresh floral Product or preserved floral product, 50% deposit is needed.

現金 Cash:  

可到我們新蒲崗門市, 尖沙咀教室或火炭工作室以現金付款。

Please come to our store.


香港銀行轉帳 Hong Kong Bank Transfer :

BOC: 012-688-1-020343-6                                      Fa Sunflower
HSBC: 819-849-712-838                                          Polo The Bird Limited
Hang Seng: 366-146033-882                                  Lai Ka Chun

Please keep and send us record.

支票 Cheque:


地址: 新蒲崗太子道東638號 MIKIKI MALL G36鋪
抬頭: Fa Sunflower


Please send by mail or come to our store

Address: G36, Mikiki Mall, 638 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong

Please note that time will be taken to confirm payment.

信用卡 Credit Cards: 
使用智能電話安裝匯豐 Payme Apps 直接付款到 Whatsapp 號碼 95882371
Install Payme Apps by HSBC to your smart phone and transfer to Whatsapp 95882371



或 PayPal 付款
門市並無信用卡機,客戶可以在門市以 PayPal 付款,我們會有專員為你服務。

直接付款請按 "Payment"

Press "Payment"
And set the amount to the payment value


Discount Products only accept bank or cash payment

或 支付寶

打開支付寶 HK 手機程式

Open Alipay Apps on your Smart Phone.

Scan the bar code below and set the amount.

付款問題 questions of payment 

  • 我可以如何付款呢? How can I pay?
    您可以將產品放入購物車後按 "View cart",填寫資料表然後直接以 paypal 付款或者按 checkout 離線支付。離線支付方法請參考上方的付款方式。
    You can put the product into the shopping cart and press "View cart". Fill in the information form and then pay directly by paypal or press checkout for offline payment. Please refer to the payment method above for offline payment method.


  • 你們接受以信用卡扣帳付款嗎?Do you accept Credit / Debit Card?
    當然可以!我們接受大部份信用卡或扣賬卡的。雖然我們將經由PayPal收費,但你並不一定要建立PayPal帳戶的(除了極少數指定國家外)。請於結賬時選擇 "使用卡支付
    Yes! We accept major credit / debit cards via PayPal and NO PayPal account is required for checkout (except for a very few specific countries). Please choose "Pay with a card" upon checkout as illustrated here.


  • 我該如何檢查訂單狀態? How can I know my order status?
    We will contact customer within 8 hours and confirm the order is correct after ordering. If you did not receive any notice from us, please contact. After confirmation of the order, our system will keep it to ensure that will not be missed. If you have any questions, please contact us.


  • 我以信用卡或扣賬卡付款的,為什麼我還會收到PayPal的確認信呢?
    信用卡或扣賬卡付款的交易均使用PayPal平臺,你會收到由PayPal寄出的確認電郵。如果有任何查詢,請電郵至fasunflower.com@gmail.com 或與我們聯絡

    Still not getting your answers? Email us anytime at fasunflower.com@gmail.com. You can contact us on Facebook @fasunhana

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