Stories are behind every bouquets. That's is all our believe and force pushing us.
Millions of People, Everyone is unique. We Believe flower have the power to make the world more beautiful.

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We Sharing many Happy Moment with our precious customer Since WE Start! Thank You for all their love and enjoy!

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花生花華專營花束、花籃、果籃、禮籃、保鮮花、訂花等禮品,其中玫瑰為本公司最注重的花。在所有禮品中,我們都非常重視客人的需要,務求做到盡善盡美,精益求精。香港、九龍、新界都設有送花、訂花服務,全港免費送花(鄉村,獨立屋及離島區除外)。除此之外,花生花華更提供婚禮場地花藝佈置,展覽場花藝佈置、新娘花球花藝等,服務多元化,一切花藝園藝產品服務、訂花,歡迎查詢。 電話/Whatsapp: 95882371 FaSunflower is a professional flower company providing products such as flower bouquets, flower baskets, fruit hampers, gift hampers, flowers and other gifts. Where we especially focus on rose products. Our aims is to provide the best service to every client and make them satisfied. We provide floral delivery service for all Hong Kong District. Our delivery service for Shatin district is free of charge. free for floral delivery.In addition, FaSunflower provide floral arrangements service for Wedding venue, exhibition venus. We also make bridal flowers and other floral product to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any need for floral and gardening product. Phone / Whatsapp: 95882371